Colts Plays Shave Heads in Support of Chuck Pagano and His Battle Against Leukemia (Video)

colts player shave heads for chuck pagano

On Sunday, Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano gave an emotional and inspirational speech to his team after their win over the Miami Dolphins.

Now, normally a win over the Dolphins isn’t really an occasion worthy of an inspirational speech. About ten different teams beat them every year. However, it’s different with the Colts for two reasons: (1) everyone said they were supposed to be terrible this year, and (2) coach Pagano has been sidelined by Leukemia since September 26, and the Colts have gone 4-1 since then, running their record to 5-3. And that is most definitely deserving of an inspirational speech.

This week, however, the players are doing something for Pagano. Namely, they are showing their support for their leader, who just began his second round of chemotherapy, by shaving their heads. So far 22 players have gone under the clippers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that number hits 40 pretty soon.

This show of support was initiated by David Thornton, the Colts “Director of Player Engagement,” and the first players to get shorn in support of their coach were punter Pat McAfee and DE Cory Redding. They were then followed to the barber’s chair by place kicker Adam Vinatieri and a host of others.

If you want to see more video of the Colts getting shorn like sheep to support coach Pagano, you can see that here.

All in all, the Colts organization are really showing that, win or lose, they are the class of the NFL.

Hat Tip – [Yahoo]

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