Dynamo Kiev Fan Invades Pitch and Ruins Scoring Chance That Could Have Won the Game for His Team (Videos)

dynamo kiev fan invades pitch

Usually when a fan runs onto the field at a sporting event, your primary concern is for the players’ safety.

You can ask Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland about that. He has first hand experience with violent pitch invaders.

However, there is another downside to fans invading the field: sometimes they cost your team a victory. And, for an example of that, we need look no further than yesterdays’ UEFA Champions League match between Dynamo Kiev and FC Porto at Olimpiyskiy Stadium in the Ukraine.

You see, with the game tied 0-0 in added time, Dynamo managed to get the ball deep into Porto territory for one last attack. And sure enough, after a lucky bounce off the back off a defender’s heel, a lane opened up, giving the Kiev attackers a direct path to the goal—and a possible victory.

Then, an idiot fan ran onto the field and broke up the play.

Final score: 0-0.

Here’s what the scene looked like on television:

And here’s what it looked like from the stands:

So how does this result affect the standings?

Well, with the tie, FC Porto took sole possession of first place in Group A with ten points and booked their trip to the next round. Meanwhile, instead of 6 points and a glimmer of hope, Dynamo Kiev now stands at 4 points. With only two games remaining in group play, there’s almost no way they can move on.

So yeah, nice work, buddy.

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