Check Out This Devastating Kickboxing Knockout (Video)

Brutal K-1 Kickboxing KO by James Wilson

It’s hard to figure out where the K-1 kickboxing promotion fits into the combat sports landscape. For people who prefer less fighting with more emphasis on technical perfection, there is boxing. And for people who want no holds (or knees or elbows) barred action, there is MMA, of which there are a variety of successful promotions.

K-1? Well, that’s basically regular kickboxing with a twist: fighters can use their knees. So it ends up falling somewhere in between boxing and MMA. For that reason, while it is very popular in Japan, K-1 has had a difficult time carving out a market for itself here in North America. In fact, most states will not even sanction K-1 fights.

That being said, this promotion provides some great competition. In fact, at an event held on September 8 in Los Angeles called the K-1 Rising U.S. Grand Prix Championship, the best knockout of the whole event didn’t come from the main event—the “Grand Prix” tournament. It came from the undercard—specifically, a bout between 245-pound James “The Beast” Wilson and 235-pound Doug Sauer.

During that bout, Wilson knocked Sauer out cold with an absolutely devastating left to the chin, causing his opponent to fall backwards into the ropes, before  falling through them entirely.

Check it out for yourself. The replay of the knockout begins at the 1:07 mark.

Not bad, right?

And again, this was the undercard. These guys weren’t even in the main Grand Prix event.  So, with that being said, perhaps there is a market for K-1 in North America.  I guess only time will tell.

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