15 Trick Play GIFs

trick play gifs

I love football as much as the next guy, but let’s be honest: sometimes the game can get a little monotonous. I mean, most of the time, everybody lines up, they snap the ball, everybody runs into each other, they all fall down, then they mill about for a minute and a half while the announced draw circles on the teleprompter. Then they do it again.

So sometimes, as a fan, you just need something to break the cycle, something bold and interesting to get make up for all those boring three-and-outs. And nothing is better in this regard than a trick play. Sure, they may not always work. But even still, they’re usually pretty entertaining. And when they do work? Well, nothing is more exciting.

So today we present you with 15 awesome trick play animated GIFs. Some of failure; others result in dramatic touchdowns. But they’re all fun. Check ’em out.

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