Check Out This WWE Style Hockey Brawl Courtesy of the AHL (Video)

AHL line brawl rockford ice hogs vs. lake erie monsters

I miss the NHL as much as anybody, but I have to admit that there is an awful lot to like about those lesser-known hockey leagues. For one thing, you have awesome team names you don’t get in the NHL, like the Adirondack Phantoms, Charlotte Checkers, Lake Eerie Monsters, and Rockford IceHogs. And for another thing, the line brawls are exuberant and met with unbridled enthusiasm by television announcers.

Case in point? This amazing brawl from an AHL game between the aforementioned Monsters and IceHogs last Saturday.

At the end of the second period, a pretty typical scrum broke out in the corner behind the Monster goal. But things got wild when Lake Eerie’s Patrick Bordeleau suddenly jumped Rockford’s Dylan Olsen, as beloved shortly after, Blackhawks pugilist Andrew Shaw came from off the bench to defend his teammate.

You remember Shaw, right? The guy who plowed into Phoenix goalie Mike Smith during the playoffs last year and got suspended for three games? Well, he took another big run at Bordeleau, but the Monster forward was able to escape. Then, when the refs had Shaw all tied up, another IceHog—Wade Brookbank—jumped off the pine to challenge Bordeleau.

It was like the wild west out there, which is our way of saying “it was awesome.”

Take a look for yourself. At the 0:38 mark you can see Bordeleau, #58 in maroon, holding on to a player’s sweater. Then he skates out of frame, which is when he grabs Olsen and starts punching him silly.

How about that reaction from the announcer when Shaw charged Bordeleau? The guy sounds like a WWE commentator. It was pure awesomeness.

Obviously, all three of the main culprits in this brawl received game misconducts. Heck, Bordeleau racked up a whopping 26 minutes in penalties. But Shaw is the one who got hit the hardest by the AHL, since he left the bench first. He was suspended for six games, while Brookbank got one.

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