NHL Lockout Results In Another Epic Fight Between Legendary Hockey Enforcers Jon Mirasty and Trevor Gillies (Video)

mirasty vs. gillies khl hockey fight

Saskatchewan native Jon Mirasty is 5’10. He was not drafted by an NHL team, and he has not played a single game in the NHL. However, for hardcore hockey fans, he has become somewhat of a legend.

Why? Because, despite his relatively diminutive size, Mirasty is tough as nails and always willing to drop the gloves. In fact, just last year he became a bit of an internet phenomenon when he was caught laughing during a fight against a fellow KHL player—which explains how he acquired the nickname “Nasty.”

Well, with the NHL players currently locked out, Mirasty was recently given the chance to square off against an old foe: New York Islanders enforcer and all-around NHL bad boy Trevor Gillies. The two pugilists squared off three times back when they were both playing in the AHL, and every one of those fights was epic.

So when their KHL teams played each other recently, everybody was expecting a major throwdown. And that includes the KHL media department. They filmed some pregame interviews with the two and mic’d them up for the game itself so that they could catch all the audio from their inevitable encounter. Then the KHL edited it all together into an insanely long 15 minutes video, which includes footage of their previous fights and, of course, some great footage of the most recent rumble.

Obviously, we have that video for you here. Footage of the three previous fights runs at the 2:15, 3:45, and 7:15 marks. Footage of the recent game between Mirasty’s Vityaz Chekhov and Gillies’ Barys Astana then begins at about the 8:25 mark.

As you’ll see, the much larger Gillies gets the best of Nasty on this day. In fact, he knocks the guy out cold for a bit.

However, possibly the best part of the video begins at the 12:08 mark, as Mirasty, while sitting in the penalty box after he just had his clock cleaned by Gillies, is already asking the guy for a rematch.

Take a look:

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