Tim Duncan Gives Lady Stalking Him Outside a CVS Pharmacy the Finger (Video)

Tim Duncan flips off woman recording him

This week, a San Antonio woman sent a video to Deadspin of NBA superstar Tim Duncan flipping her the bird. Why? Because she was concerned that Duncan, in her own words, is “setting a bad example for the kids.”

And you know, I have to admit that I do find this video surprising. Tim Duncan has long been considered one of the nicest, most even-keeled guys in the NBA. Some people even say he’s boring for a superstar. So the fact that he flipped someone the bird is quite uncharacteristic.

Have a look for yourself:

Of course, far more interesting is the fact that the woman who shot the video admitted that when she heard Tim Duncan was in the store, she went back outside to her car and waited for him to come out so she could shoot the video.

Hello, lady? That is called “stalking.” You are a stalker. No wonder the guy flipped you the bird. He’s at the drug store trying to buy some aspirin, or whatever, and you’re waiting for him outside like a paparazzo.

If you’d have just approached him and said you were a big fan, he’d have probably shaken your hand and said thanks a lot. But no, you had to be a creeper.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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