Jazz PG Randy Foye Has His Chest Bump Rejected By Coach Tyrone Corbin (Video)

utah jazz randy foye chest bumb fail

The Los Angeles Lakers made some pretty big additions to their roster in the offseason—Steve Nash and Dwight Howard—that elevated expectations through the roof. So after starting the season 0-3, everybody was losing their minds as though 0-3 was some sort of black hole no team could climb out of.

Then, of course, they “finally” won a game this past Sunday, and things were looking better.

But now they’ve lost again! The humanity! The Lakers are 1-4!

Seriously, everyone needs to chill out. The Lakers will pull out of their funk. They may not win a championship, but they won’t go 17-65 either.

Nevertheless, for teams like the Utah Jazz, it’s got to feel pretty good to beat up on the struggling NBA superpower.

It was the Jazz, of course, who handed the Lakers their most recent loss last night. And man were they pumped up about it. In fact, they were so pumped up that, after he hit a key three-pointer to increase Utah’s lead to 11 points midway through the 4th quarter, point guard Randy Foye tried to celebrate by giving his coach a massive chest bump.

Unfortunately, Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin wasn’t having any of that, and the result was pretty funny.

Take a look:

Corbin is like, “dude, I’m wearing a suit. I don’t want you’re sweaty body all up on top of me.” So he gave him the standard sports butt-slap instead.

Still, I don’t blame Foye. It’s not every day that a mediocre team gets to stick it to Kobe Bryant.

Celebrate however you want Randy.

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