13 People Who Need the NHL Lockout to End Right Now

effect of nhl lockout

Since the NHL lockout began two months ago, much of the hockey-loving public’s attention has been focused on who’s right and who’s wrong. Is it the owners being too greedy? Is all this stuff about redefining hockey-related revenue nonsense? Or do they have a point—are the players asking for too much in a time when many teams are struggling to stay in the black?

Of course, lost in this whole struggle is the plight of the little guy. The NHL players aren’t the only ones not getting paychecks these days. All across North American, lots of other people are affected by the work stoppage, too. And frankly, it really sucks. So today, we have for you a run-down of all the people who need these clowns to get back to work as soon as possible. Have a look.

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