College Golf Coach Has Epic Meltdown (Video)

huntington golf coach matt mahanic epic rant

Golf isn’t really one of those sports where you would expect to see improved results after a coach goes ballistic on his team. Football? Absolutely. Basketball? Yep. Baseball? Sure, why not.

But golf? No, I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be all calm and serene. You’re supposed to “see the ball” and “be the ball” and all that. You’re supposed to be some kind of zen master or something.

Don’t tell any of that to Huntington College golf coach Matt Mahanic, though. After his Division III golf team finished dead last behind 11 other teams at a recent tournament, he treated his players to an absolutely epic meltdown that I really believe will become an all-time classic.

And the best thing about it is, for the first few minutes, he’s calm and collected. Then, all of a sudden, he just loses it. In the process, I’m pretty sure he sets a record for the number of f-bombs in a single sentence.

Anyway, you have to check it out. But beware: it’s way NSFW.

Final f-bomb count: 58

Err, sorry—fifty-f#@$ing-eight.

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