Here’s Dirk Nowitzki Singing Some Springsteen, and It’s Not Pretty (Video)

dirk nowitzki singing

The internet and social media have really helped pro athletes “build their brand” and market themselves directly to fans, and this in turn has helped some of them sign lucrative endorsement deals.

However, social media has also become a way for teams to reach out and connect more with fans. And the downside to this for players is that teams now ask them to do really goofy, embarrassing stuff that players just didn’t have to do in the olden days.

Case in point: Mark Cuban‘s Dallas Mavericks. Like most teams, they’ve really increased their online presence with a variety of promotions and gimmicks. And their latest web feature is something they call “Mavs Playeraoke,” where they bring in popular Mavericks players and have them sing some popular song at the top of their lungs.

So what did they have big Dirk Nowtizki sing? Just see for yourself.

Warning: this may be painful for Bruce Springsteen fans to watch.

Nope. Dirk is not a singer. That being said, he’s probably still better at singing than Shaq is at rapping.

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