Ever Wonder What a Combination of Soccer and MMA Would Look Like? (Video)

beer cup indoor soccer mma brawl

If you ever find yourself in Iceland and somebody invites you to play a game of indoor soccer, you should probably decline—that is, unless you happen to be a trained MMA fighter. Because man, Icelandic soccer is pretty freakin’ extreme.

The video you’re about to see is a supercut of highlights from some amateur indoor (gym) soccer tournament in Iceland. There is no description offered by the person who uploaded it, and after running all the comments through Google Translate I still couldn’t find any useful info. So all I know is the title of the video is “bearcup.”

In any case, as you’ll see, the tournament was interrupted over and over and over by flagrant fouls, brutal take-outs, and hardcore brawls.

But here’s the really crazy thing: it seems like this is all planned, like it is somehow part of the competition. Because the players don’t really seem to be upset as they’re getting slapped and tackled, and the spectators don’t really seem all that shocked when they see a guy get chopped down like a tree. Every once in a while some dudes step in to separate some of the combatants when things get too heated, but nobody seems really pissed off.

Just see for yourself:

Looks like fun. Where do I sign up?

In any case, hopefully we’ll learn more about exactly what was going on here as this thing goes viral…Because this thing is definitely going viral.

Hat Tip – [JOE.IE]

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