Tajikistanian Soccer Players Brawl, Then Fans Invade and Chase Opposing Team Off the Field (Video)

soccer brawl and riot in tajikistan

Tajikistan may not be a world soccer powerhouse, but they sure as hell can riot with the best of them.

At a Tajikistan Premier League match back in August (I guess news travels slow out of Tajikistan?) between Istaravshan FK and Energetik Dushanbe, after conceding a goal to Istravshan in the 81st minute, the goalie for Energetik tried to kick the referee—yes, kick the referee—when he refused to disallow the goal, which sparked a huge melee on the field between players. This, in turn, led to a massive pitch invasion by the 20,000 or so fans on hand at Istaravashan Stadion, and they chased the Energetik players right off the field.

So, yeah, things got a little crazy.

Take a look:

Obviously, the police had to be called in to clear the field. After that the Istaravshan players returned, ready to go, but Energetik, having been run off the field by an angry mob, refused to play. So the match was abandoned with the score tied 1-1.

In any case, that’s as wild a soccer riot as we’ve seen in a long time. Those Tajikistanis don’t mess around.

Hat Tip – [Business Insider]

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