Disgusted Texas Tech Football Coach Tommy Tuberville Slaps His Assistant Coach’s Headphones Off On Saturday (Video)

texas tech coach slaps headphones off assistant coach

Everybody knows that coaches hate to lose. But they hate it even more when they aren’t supposed to lose, and when the losses come as a result of mental errors, rather than being physically outmatched.

Recently we’ve seen a couple of hilarious examples of this distaste for losing, courtesy of college coaches. First it was Florida football coach Will Muschamp who, during an extremely sloppy performance by the Gators, gave us what was possibly the dirtiest, angriest look in the history of sports. Then, just last week, we were treated to an epic tirade from Huntington College golf coach Matt Mahanic after his team finished dead last in a tournament they won the previous year.

Well, over the weekend, we saw another great example from college football of a coach losing his cool.

Texas Tech, the #22 team in the country, was playing the lowly, 1-9 Kansas Jayhawks at home in Lubbock. It should have been a cake-walk. And yet, somehow, the Red Raiders allowed KU—who are 0-7 in Big 12 play—to hang in there all game long.

That really ticked off coach Tommy Tuberville, and he took his frustrations out on one of his assistant coaches after one particularly bone-headed play. Take a look:

Luckily, the Red Raiders went on to win the game…in overtime. If they had lost, Tuberville probably would have karate chopped somebody in the throat. I mean, we’re talking about Kansas Jayhawks football here.

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