9 Memorable NASCAR Fights

NASCAR fights

On Sunday at the AdvoCare 500 in Phoenix, four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champ Jeff Gordon took a whole season’s worth of frustration out on Clint Bowyer on the very last lap of the race, running the guy into the wall. That, of course, sparked a huge brawl between the two drivers and their respective crews, and earned Gordon a $100,000 fine and a 25 point deduction.

So, like it or not, Sunday was one of the most memorable days in NASCAR history. And this got me to wondering: where does this fight rank among the other famous skirmishes in NASCAR history?

Well, I’m no NASCAR historian, but this list represents my best attempt to answer that question. If I left any big ones out, by all means please mention it. However, the fights presented here are all noteworthy for one reason or another, so I think you’ll enjoy the list no matter what. So let’s get to it.

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