Four ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Characters And The Athletes They Remind Us Of

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When you really think about it, professional sports athletes tend to have quite a bit in common with the characters from the Grand Theft Auto video game series.  For starters, they are each afforded the opportunity to make a name for themselves on the big stage, and while some of those athletes/characters aren’t even around long enough for the fans to remember their names, their are always those who make their mark on the game and leave quite the legacy behind.

Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth would be your classic examples of athletes who have become legends in their respective sports.  As for the GTA characters that have used their time in the limelight to earn legendary status in the video game world, we have four of those individuals below, along with the athletes they remind us of the most.

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Brucie Kibbutz

Brucie Kibbutz

With an I.Q. lower than the Charlotte Bobcats’ 2011-12 win total, Kibbutz is the epitome of dumb video game characters.  That was made awfully clear when he was introduced to us in GTA IV.  But what he lacks in brain cells, he certainly makes up for in muscle mass, as he looks like just the type of guy that any quarterback in the NFL would prefer to see lining up at the end of their offensive line in the tight end position.  That is why when we think of Brucie, we can’t help but be reminded of Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski.  Like Kibbutz, you never expect anything brilliantly intelligent to come from the mouth of Gronk, but you can always count on these two characters to provide us with a heavy dose of humor and muscle whenever needed.

Lance Vance

lance vance

Upon first glance in GTA: Vice City, Lance Vance seems like nothing more than your stereotypical black man, but that all changes as we begin to learn more and more about Tommy Vercetti’s right-hand-man throughout the Vice City series.  Eventually, feelings of inferiority lead to Vance’s betrayal of Vercetti, as he joins forces with his former boss’ nemesis, Sonny Forelli.  And when it comes to betrayals and double-crossings, how could we possibly be reminded of any athlete other than LeBron James, who left Cleveland during the summer of 2010 to play for the Miami Heat, after feelings of inferiority led him to believe that he had to play with better players in order to win a championship and legitimize himself as one of the best ballers of all time…Oh, and let’s not forget that Vice City is actually a fictional city modeled after Miami.  Coincidence?

Officer Frank Tenpenny

officer frank tenpenny

Right from the start of GTA: San Andreas, we are introduced to crooked cop Frank TenPenny and his corrupt ways.  As the game’s chief antagonist, we quickly learn that despite his shady ways, Tenpenny always believes that he is in the right and that he is the good guy in the story.  A fraudulent man who still thinks he is in the right and continues to live in denial?  Sound familiar?  Yeah, that sure does sounds a lot like Lance Armstrong.

Claude Speed

claude speed

You may not be familiar with his name (it wan’t even revealed until his cameo appearance in GTA: San Andreas), but if you’ve played GTA III, you’ll certainly recognize him as the game’s main protagonist.  Claude is perhaps the quietest character that Rockstar has created for their GTA series, but his silent ways never stopped him from getting the job done.  And perhaps no athlete in sports is better at getting the job done and keeping his mouth shut while doing so than soft-spoken Chicago Blackhawks captain, Jonathan Toews.  After all, the dude has won a Stanley Cup, an Olympic gold medal, and a World Junior Championship gold medal, all while saying less than a dozen words.

And with Rockstar set to release Grand Theft Auto V in the very near future, one can only assume that this will result in the emergence of several other GTA characters that bear a striking resemblance to sports athletes.  So stay tuned, as we should get a better idea of the types of new characters they have in store for us once the trailer is released on November 14th.

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