How To Explain Why Norv Turner Should Be Fired To A 5th Grader (Video)

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Since Norv Turner took over head coaching duties in San Diego, none of his teams have really been terrible. In fact, none have even finished below the .500 mark (though the 2012 season isn’t over yet), and two of them actually had pretty good records at 13-3 and 11-5.

However, none of this has done anything to deter Norv’s detractors. In fact, there is a whole grass roots movement seeking to get the guy fired. David Letterman even made a joke about it in one of his top ten lists. And the “fire Norv Turner” folks claim that, based on his coaching resumé with the Redskins and Raiders—9 seasons, 8 losing records, one playoff appearance—he never should have been hired to take the reigns of a 14-2 team in the first place. But he was.

And the fact that the Chargers haven’t really been putrid just proves that his talented teams have underachieved. Or so the argument goes.

But don’t listen to me make the case against Norv. Instead, just watch this video. It makes a case against him so simple that ever a fifth grader could understand it:

Sounds about right to me. What do you think?

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