Angry Steelers Flips Off The Referees (GIF)

steelers fan flips off referees

Remember when everyone was like sooo happy to get the real referees back, and they got standing ovations and hugs from the players and whatnot?

Yeah, well, the honeymoon is officially over. And if by some chance you require visual proof of this, you’re in luck, because one rather angry Steelers fan gave it to us last night.

Upset that the Steelers got a penalty for cursing at the referee, this guy…well he, too, curses at the referee. Only in complete silence so they don’t hear him.

angry steelers fan flips bird

Ironically, while this guy was flipping the bird at the refs, there was another Steelers fan sitting to his left who was dressed as a bird.

In any case, nice work dude. I’m sure the refs really took that to heart.

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