Idiot Motorcyclist Films His Insane 160 MPH Drive Through Bosnia (Video)

guy rides motorcycle 250 kph through backroads

What happens when you make a motorcycle with a 999.6 cc, v-4, 200 horsepower engine, then make is street legal and sell it to anybody with an extra $22,999 to spare? Obviously, people are going to do very stupid things.

Such is the case with the Aprilla RSV4. The Italian superbike manufacturer designed the RSV4 to be a racing bike. And indeed, in 2010, Italy’s Max Biaggi rode the Aprilla RSV4 and won the Superbike World Championship, a circuit which uses tuned up versions of street legal bikes.

So you know anyone who buys a bike like this for personal use is going to let it loose from time to time. And sure enough, a video recently popped up on YouTube of some guy doing just that—travelling from a small town in Bosnia to Sarajevo on his Aprilla, and reaching speeds of over 155 MPH.

It’s more insane that I even imagined. Take a look for yourself. The guy reaches some insane speeds around the 7 and 8 minute marks, then again around the 18:45 mark.

***UPDATE*** The video has since been taken down by whoever posted it, but we are doing our best to track down another copy of it, if one does in fact exist.

I have to admit, it is pretty cool. But then smoking is pretty cool too, and it gives you lung cancer and emphysema. What this guy is doing is insanely stupid. He put everyone else out on that road at risk.

Hat Tip – [CarScoop via Ron Canada]

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