21 GIFs of People Crying Over Sports

sports crying gifs (crying over sports)

There may be “no crying in baseball,” as Tom Hanks famously said in A League of Their Own. However, regardless of whether that’s actually try of America’s pastime, it certainly is not true of every other sport on the planet. Why, just last week we saw pop music legend Rod Stewart sobbing like a baby after his beloved Celtic F.C. knocked off Barcelona in Champions League play—and they’re not even in the knock-out stage of the competition yet.

So obviously there is just something about sports that reaches deep into our psyches and touches on something profound. That, or some people are just way too obsessed. Either way, the point is that people cry at sporting events all the time. And while sometimes it’s moving, sometimes it’s hilarious, it’s pretty much always entertaining. Thus, you’ll want to check out our list 21 awesome animated GIFs featuring people crying over sports.