Here’s What Happens When a Guy with No Muay Thai Training Spars with a Guy with Lots of Muay Thai Training (Video)

one-sided muay thai fight

If a guy with very little training in martial arts steps into the ring to spar with a guy with a lot of martial arts training, who is more to blame for the totally predictable outcome: the guy who doesn’t have skills but gets in the ring anyway, or the people who let it happen?

I ask because, in the following video, we have such a scenario. Some doofus with no discernible combat technique gets into the ring with a guy who knows a thing or two about Muay Thai. And obviously, the guy with no discernible technique gets knocked into next Tuesday not once, but twice.

Sure, it’s kind of funny, and I had a good laugh. But then I got to wondering if the guy was actually okay. I mean, he was pretty dazed after sustaining that second barrage of kicks and punches to the head.

See for yourself:

This gym should use this video in their promotional materials.

“Hey, come on down to Lee’s Gym and get your head kicked in. First month is free!”

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