Chilean Soccer Plays Gives Opponent a Flying Kung Fu Kick to the Chest (Video)

Gaston Cellerino karate kick

Everyone knows soccer can get a little violent at times. Whether it’s a pitch invader attacking a player, the players attacking each other, or fans going berserk in the stands, sometimes things just get out of control.

That being said, we rarely see anything as vicious as the attack you’re about to see.

At a recent Chilean soccer match between Union La Calera and the Santiago Wanderers, with Union already down 2-0, one of their strikers, Gaston Cellerino, got sent off after receiving his second yellow card of the game. Then, as Cellerino was walking off the field, he was confronted by the Wanderers’ goalie, so he gave him a shove.

Now, since we’re talking about soccer here, you probably are assuming that, after being shoved by Cellerino, the goalie flew back and tumbled across the ground in feigned agony. And you would be correct. This drew the attention of the rest of his team, who came running down the field to intervene.

But in the ensuing scrum, Cellerino did something to the goalie that would require no embellishment; he delivered a flying kung-fu kick to the chest.

Take a look:

I obviously have no idea what Cellerino was saying afterward, but I assume it was something to the effect of, “yeah, NOW you can roll around on the ground in agony buddy.”

Something tells me Gaston is looking at a pretty lengthy suspension for this one.

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