15 Best Players Ever Dumped by the Marlins

best player dumped traded by the marlins fire sale

On Tuesday, the Miami Marlins franchise sunk to a new all-time low when they traded every single player earning any kind of money to the Toronto Blue Jays for a handful of prospects, a homophobic defensive wizard, and…um…well, that’s it.

Of course, fans of the Marlins had grown used to the team’s so-called “fire-sales,” and to a certain extent they didn’t even mind all that much given that, previously, such sales had come on the heels of a World Series Championship. But this time? No, it was just too much. The Marlins won just 69 games last year and finished in last place in the N.L. East. They opened a brand new stadium that was almost entirely publicly funded and promised that it would be a new era. Then things unraveled, and now the fans are left with nothing.

It really is shameful. Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is either an incompetent moron, or the world’s greatest living con artist.

In any case, in light of this new development, I thought today we would take a look at the 15 best players ever dumped by the Florida/Miami Marlins. The players will be ranked according to their career Wins Above Replacement (WAR)*, which is a stat that combines all of a player’s contributions—defense, offense, baserunning, etc.—into one number. This stat isn’t an exact measurement of a player’s value, of course, but it’s a great place to start. And for our purposes here, it works just fine.

*Actually, what I’ve done is take their total WAR score and divide it by the number of years played so to get the average WAR per season.

So let’s get started, shall we?


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