Guy Parachutes Onto Soccer Field in Ecuador and Plows Into Player (Video)

paraglider crashes into soccer player

You’ve all seen somebody parachute into a sports stadium prior to a game before. Maybe not in person, but certainly on TV. So tell me: when you’ve seen it, is the field littered with people, or do they keep it pretty empty so that the person has a nice open space to land without anyone getting hurt?

Obviously they keep people off the field. That’s just common sense, right?

Unfortunately, nobody brought up this safety concern to the person who planned the pre-game stunt you are about to see.

At a recent top flight soccer match in Ecuador between LDU Quito and Barcelona Sporting Club, a paraglider was supposed to land on the field prior to the game. And he did. But in doing so, he also crashed into the back of an LDU striker named Claudio Bieler.

Oh, and the whole thing was caught by the paraglider’s helmet cam. So take a look:

Crazy isn’t it? You can clearly see how fast the guy is coming in, and how many people were scattered all over the field. So my question is, how in the hell was this not supposed to happen?

Smart planning, everybody. Really, nice job.

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