LeBron James Leaves a Fan Hanging on National TV (Video)

lebron james stiffs fan

LeBron James has had some PR trouble in recent years as a result of the way he made the Decision to leave Cleveland and join D-Wade and the Boshtrich in Miami.

Sure, some people just love the guy because of the way he plays, and to them he can do no wrong. But to others James is seen as an arrogant douche. And things like this don’t do anything to win the naysayers over:

Yep, the cool-looking black guy gets a handshake. The dorky white guy? No handshake for you.

And all on national TV. Oops!

Of course, that’s hardly the first time LeBron left a fan hanging. Remember this one from the charity basketball game? What can I say—the guy is apparently very selective about who he high-fives.

Then again, maybe he’s just seen his Heat buddies do stuff like this one too many times. That would probably make me a little wary of high-fives, too.

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