Paper Airplane Makes Appearance On National Television During Last Night’s Bills-Dolphins Game (GIF)

paper airplane football game

No matter what the sport, there will always be times when the fans get a little bored with the action down on the field. And at times like these, there are a few activities that fans everywhere will take up to keep themselves entertained.

The first and most common activity, obviously, is drinking beer. But the second might be building and throwing paper airplanes. And the thinking behind this activity seems to be, “hey, I’m bored, let’s see if I can land a paper airplane on the field or something.”

Now, most of the time, paper airplane building doesn’t result in much more than some random fan in the lower deck getting poked in the back of the head. However, every once in a while the results can be quite amusing.

For example, this past summer at a Diamondbacks game, somebody managed to land a paper airplane right on home plate. That was damn impressive.

And last night, during a Thursday night NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins, someone managed to fly an airplane right in front of the TV camera at precisely the right moment.

Checkt it out:

paper airplane at bills gamec

What are the chances of doing that—of throwing a paper airplane right in front of a camera at exactly the right moment? A million to one? Ten million to one?

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