Check Out This Crazy Trick Play From A High School Football Game That Could Only Happen In Canada (Video)

trick play canadian high school football

In American football, after a ball is punted there are a few options. If the kicking team touches the ball first, it is dead where the touching occurred. If the receiving team touches it, it’s live whether or not it was caught. If the receiving team touches but does not catch the ball, it’s up for grabs. But if they touch and catch it, then they can try to advance it. However, the methods of advancing the ball on a punt are limited. You can not use a forward pass, and of course you cannot kick the ball.

This is one of the big differences between American football and Canadian football.You see, in Canadian football, after a punt, the receiving team can punt the ball to advance it if they want.

There are two reasons why they might do this. First, in Canadian football you get a single point if you punt the ball into the end zone and it is either (a) downed by a member of the receiving team or (b) it passes though and goes out of bounds. So a heads up re-punt after a punt can result in a quick point.

The second and much more rare reason why a team would want to punt right after receiving a punt has to do with another rule: in Canadian football, players on the kicking team are classified as either onside or offside on a punt. Players are offside if they are in front of the punter when he kicks the ball; they are onside if they are behing the punter. And for onside players, after a punt the ball is always live.

Thus, if a team receives a punt, they can try to advance the ball back downfield by punting it again. And any player on their team who was onside—i.e., who was behind the punter when he kicked the ball—can recover that ball and score a touchdown.

So, would you like to see this rule put into action?

Yeah, I thought you’d say “yes.”  So check out this amazing touchdown from a high school football game in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

As you can see, the ball is punted by the green team to the red and white team. However, they punt the ball back, well behind the onrushing green team, and their onside players recover it for an easy touchdown.

Not a bad trick play, eh?

Only in Canada.

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