Amazing Pyrotechnics Display Encircles Two Romanian Soccer Teams in Flames and Smoke (Video)

romanian soccer teams encircled by flames

The use of road flares by soccer fans at games is nothing new. Over the years we’ve seen dangerous flare attacks, some serious flare wars, and even some epic flare fails.

However, we’ve never seen anything quite like this.

At a low-level Romanian soccer game on Sunday between ASU Politehnica and AS Nadrag, the Politehnica fans revealed themselves to be a different breed of soccer hooligan. They aren’t just idiots throwing flares onto the pitch at random. They are, in fact, pyrotechnic geniuses.

What did they do to earn this title? They all lit flares in unison, encircling the field in bright flames and smoke.

Take a look:

If you completely ignore the fact that such a stunt is extremely dangerous, you have to admit that it’s pretty impressive.

Of course, even more impressive than the stunt itself was the fact that they never even stopped the game. I thought for sure that the players had stopped when the smoke filled the field. But sure enough, when the smoke begins to clear at the 4:30 mark, there are the players, still going.

Is this kind of thing normal in Romanian soccer or something? Or was it just some elaborate scheme by ASU Politehnica to distract their opponents? After all, they did end up winning the game by a score of 4-1.

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