The Arizona Cardinals Gave Us the Best Defensive Play of the 2012-13 NFL Season (Video)

nfl defensive play of the year

The Arizona Cardinals may have lost a heart-breaker to the Atlanta Falcons yesterday on a late touchdown that dropped them to 4-6 and, most likely, out of playoff contention. However, at least they can look back on this game and say they gave NFL fans the best defensive play of the 2012 NFL season.

With about seven minutes left in the 3rd quarter and the Falcons looking at a 3rd and 6, quarterback Matt Ryan threw a short pass to running back Jason Snelling. Cardinals LB Sam Acho caught up with Snelling, grabbed him from behind, and popped the ball out of his hands. However, it looked like the ball was going to bounce out of bounds, meaning the Falcons would keep possession and get a chance to at least punt, or maybe even try for a 55-yard field goal.

But in a strange and unexpected turn of events, the ball didn’t go out of bounds, because Arizona cornerback Greg Toler came flying in and did THIS:

I don’t know about you, but I could watch this replay all day. Ultimately, it didn’t help Arizona win, obviously, but it helped them keep the lead at the time. So you’ve still got to tip your hat to Toler for making the save and to Acho for knocking the ball loose in the first place. That’s how you compete.

If only these guys could play quarterback for the Cards as well.

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