Arizona QB Matt Scott Was Puking on the Field Again…and Again He Stayed in the Game (Video & GIF)

arizona qb matt scott barfing on field

Arizona Wildcats quarterback Matt Scott has had a rough go over the last few weeks. Back on October 27 against USC, the guy was on the receiving end of an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit that caused him to vomit right there on the field. Almost inexplicably, the Wildcats’ training and coaching staffs let Scott stay in the game.

Then against UCLA the following week, Scott took a huge hit to the head and was unable to answer some basic questions from the team’s training staff. So at that point he did come out of the game and was subsequently diagnosed with a concussion, which forced him to miss Arizona’s game against Colorado last week.

However, this week against Utah, Scott was back. And once again he suffered a hit that left him puking on the field.

Take a look:

And for those who like to watch clips like this over and over, ad nauseum, here’s the animated GIF version:


So obviously, given the controversy surrounding their decision not to remove Scott when he puked against USC, and the fact that it was his first game back after receiving a concussion (officially) against USC, the Arizona coaches removed him from the game to be totally safe and…

No I’m totally kidding. Arizona had a game to win! So Matt Scott stayed in to close out the win.

You gotta hand it to those Arizona coaches, though.  They sure do have their priorities straight: winning first, player health and safety second.

Nice work, guys.  (Insert sarcastic face here.)

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