Brad Keselowski Celebrated His 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship with Lots of Miller Lite (Video)

brad keselowski tipsy drinking miller lite during sprint cup celebreation

Last week after the debacle that was the AdvoCare 500 in Phoenix, Brad Keselowski was not too pleased with the way the race turned out.

Sure, his 6th place finish combined with Jimmie Johnson’s 32nd place finish meant that he would win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship by finished 15th or better at the Ford EcoBoost 400 the following week. But the story of the day was the shameful act of revenge carried out by former champ Jeff Gordon, who purposely ran Cling Bowyer into the wall, instigating a classic post-race NASCAR fight.

After that race, Keselowski had harsh words for Gordon, saying it was “absolutely ridiculous” and that he was “ashamed to be a part of it.”

However, this week Keselowski was in a much better mood. After he clinched his first Spring Cup with a 15th place finish (after Johnson’s day ended early) in the Ford EcoBoost 400, he celebrated by downing a giant glass of Miller Lite—who just so happens to sponsor his car.

Then a notably tipsy Keselowski got on camera for an interview with ESPN. And yeah, it’s pretty amusing.

Check it out:

Pretty awesome, right? Even when he’s drunk and partying hard, Brad Keselowski is one of the most articulate, likeable guys in NASCAR. I mean, did you catch that shout-out to his friends, family, and teammates? “Life is a team sport…Without them I’m nothing?” That’s pure class. So congrats to Brad on his big victory.

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