Watch This Drunk Hockey Fan Ruin A Flash Mob In Sudbury (Video)

drunk guy tries to join flash mob in sudbury

Personally I’m getting a little tired of the whole flash mob thing. That being said, I readily admit that they can still be fairly entertaining if they are well-organized and carried out with precision. That means showing up on time, knowing the moves, and doing them well.

The guy you’re about to see in the following video? He fails on all three counts.

After a recent home game for the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League, a group of fans organized a flash mob outside the Sudbury Arena to entertain those in attendance before they headed home. You know—just a fun, nice thing to do.

Of course, in the middle of the performance, a drunk Wolves fan wanders in and tries to participate.

Obviously, he looked ridiculous. Check it out:

I’m sure the guy was annoying the hell out of the people who were supposed to be doing the dance. But at least he didn’t do anything too crazy and cause someone to get hurt in the process.

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