There Was Some Niners-on-Niners Violence in San Francisco This Past Monday Night (Video)

brawl at 49ers game

The Oakland Raiders fans may get all the attention, but they are not the only ones in the San Francisco Bay Area who like to mix it up. The 49ers fans have also been known to throw down from time and time. And one of those times was this past Monday.

Of course, the fight wasn’t between 49ers fans and Chicago Bears fans. I mean, what would the Bears fans have to fight about anyway? Jay Cutler is their QB. Their pride is long gone.

No, this one appears to be a case of Niners-on-Niners violence. It’s not that violent, though. I guess when these guys aren’t punching Raiders fans, their hearts just aren’t into it.

See for yourself:


I wonder if they were fighting over whether or not they agree with the ban on public nudity currently making its way through the San Francisco city council?

In any case, that was an interesting observation by the person shooting the video at the 1:03 mark. Of course, I don’t think it’s true that the Niners fans are worse than the Raiders fans. But just to be compared with the Raiders fans is quite an impressive accomplishment.

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