Cameraman Falls Off Chair During Basketball Game, Announcers Won’t Stop Talking About It (Video)

basketball player runs into cameraman

This flopping epidemic in the game of basketball is really getting out of control. Now even the cameramen are exaggerating minor contact.

Last night during a game between the Cincinnati Bearcats and Campbell Camels, a Cincinnati player appeared to collide with a cameraman underneath the basket, sending him and his camera flying. However, the sharp folks in the SNY production truck went back and looked at the replay, and discovered that the so-called collision wasn’t nearly as severe as it first seemed.

Take a look:

Poor Joel. The guy got called out as a flopper on live TV by his own co-worker. And then they just won’t stop talking about it. In fact, I don’t know if you watched all the way to the end, but they even went back to it before heading to a commercial break.  Ouch!

Then again, it could have been worse.  Joel could have been this guy.

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