World Long Drive Champ Destroys Drive Simulator at Golf Channel Studio (Video)

james sadlowski destroys golf drive simulator at golf channel studios

Golf drive simulators are fine for regular folks like you and me, and they probably even work with the vast majority of pro golfers as well. However, as Jamie Sadlowski recently demonstrated, they cannot stand up to a guy who can hit a golf ball 445 yards.

Sadlowski, of course, is the 24-year-old Alberta native who won the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship for 2008 and 2009, earning himself a grand total of $400,000. You would think he must be some freakishly large behemoth to crush a golf ball 400 yards on a regular basis. And indeed, most professional long drivers (yes, that’s a thing) are above average when it comes to height and weight. However, Sadlowski is not. He’s just 5’10 and 168 pounds. Instead of generating power through brute strength and the extra leverage provided by a lanky frame, he does it with speed and flexibility. In fact, his motto is “swing fast, not hard.”

Anyway, Sadlowski recently stopped by the golf channel studio to chat with host Gary Williams and see who could hit the ball the farthest on their in-studio simulator.

But their battle didn’t last long, as Jamie scorched his first tee-shot right through the screen.

Check it out:

I’m thinking that probably voided the simulator’s warranty. I guess the cost for a new one will be deducted from Williams’ next paycheck.

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