Justin Bieber Was Booed Mercilessly During CFL Grey Cup Halftime Show (Video)

bieber booed by cfl fans

Apparently there weren’t a lot of teenage girls at the Grey Cup game on Sunday in Toronto, because organizers had Canada’s own international teen idol Justin Bieber perform at the halftime show and the poor kid got quite a cold reception.

Actually, scratch that. It wasn’t a cold reception. It was flat out hostile. Fans didn’t just sit on their hands, or give him a weak ovation. They jeered him.

When his picture flashed on the jumbotron before the game? Fans booed. When it flashed during a TV timeout during the first half? Booed again. When his name was mentioned by the event MC? Booed yet again. And when he finally took the stage to perform his hit song, “Boyfriend”? Yep, that’s when the boos got ridiculous.

Have a look…and a listen:

Wow. Rough crowd, huh? Canadians have a reputation as being particularly polite, but I guess the CFL fans were really hoping for a rousing performance of “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

In any case, the disappointing reception at the Grey Cup just capped off a really crappy two weeks for the Biebs. First he got dumped by his hot girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Then there was a bit of a controversy over the fact that he wore overalls to receive an award from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Now this.

I guess he’ll be crying himself to sleep on his 800 thread count pillow aboard his solid gold yacht tonight.

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