The Clippers’ Matt Barnes Was Throwing Elbows Last Night (Video)

clippers matt barnes vicious elbow

Is it just me, or are there more flagrant fouls in the NBA than there used to be—particularly ones involving elbows?

Back in April, of course, there was the Metta World Peace-to-James Harden “elbow heard ’round the world” (or at least in North America and Taiwan). Then, just a few weeks ago, Thomas Robinson of the Sacramento Kings went out of his way to lay a vicious one on the Pistons’ Jonas Jerebko.

Now, today, we have another one to show you. This time it’s the Clippers’ Matt Barnes sticking it to the chest of the Hornets’ Jason Smith. It’s not nearly as bad as the last two, but I doubt it felt particularly good, either.

Check it out:

I bet that one left a mark, huh?

Of course, this isn’t the first time Barnes has been on the giving end of a flagrant foul. Last December he got into it with current teammate Blake Griffin:

I bet that made things pretty awkward when Barnes walked into the Clippers’ locker room for the first time after signing a free agent deal with them in September.

Anyway, going back to the elbow on Smith, if the NBA has any legitimacy at all, this ought to earn the guy a serious fine or maybe even a suspension.

Then again, David Stern hasn’t retired yet, has he?

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