NFL Quarterbacks Conversation On Facebook (Week 12)

Eli Manning, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan all have very good reasons to gloat following their strong personal performances over the Thanksgiving weekend, which helped lead their respective teams to victories.  And while they certainly didn’t allow the opportunity to bask in the glory pass them by in this week’s edition of the “NFL Quarterbacks Conversation on Facebook,” they, and the rest of the NFL’s quarterbacks, seemed much more interested in discussing Mark Sanchez’s epic blooper that saw him get tackled by the rear of his own offensive lineman, Brandon Moore.

That embarrassing failure on Thursday night would result in a fumble, a defensive touchdown for the New England Patriots, and an interesting topic of discussion between the NFL Quarterbacks on Facebook.

Check it out:

nfl qb facebook convo week 12 4

Hat Tip – [ProFootballMock]

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