15 Female Athletes You Should Follow on Twitter

female athletes you should follow on twitter

Twitter gives the general public access to private lives and thoughts of celebrities like we have never had before. And to be quite frank, most of the time this is a bad thing. (Have you ever seen Heidi Montag’s Twitter feed? Yeah.) However, with a select few, such access can be enlightening and entertaining.

This is especially true of elite athletes. When they are candid and open and share their lives, they actually give sports fans a sense of what it would actually be like to play sports for a living. And of course, when these athletes happen to be attractive and female, well then that’s even better.

So if you’re looking for some new people to follow on Twitter, today we have some recommendations. These female athletes have interesting things to say, are fairly candid, and tend to post entertaining (and occasionally sexy) photos of themselves and their friends. Follow them. You will not regret it.