Martellus Bennett Saved a Man’s Life After Giants Game, Compared Himself to Multiple Superheros

martellus bennett saved man's life

New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennett was already having a career year, having racked up 455 yards through just 11 games. However, the biggest play he made this past Sunday actually came after the Giants’ huge win over Green Bay.

As he was walking to the locker room, Bennett decided to give his game gloves to a kid in the stands. After he had done so, a 52-year-old man tried to take the gloves from the kid, and while jostling for position, that man lost his balance and fell over the railing.

Of course, this is how people get killed at sporting events. And if this guy had actually died, everyone would have been like, “uh, well, I guess that’s what you get for trying to take stuff from little kids.” But he didn’t die. Martellus Bennett caught him.

So what did Bennett have to say about all this? Well, it turns out he’s a pretty big comic book fan. So he explained everything in terms of superheros.

After he caught the man, Bennett tripped over a cameraman and fell backwards.

“I caught him and then I was about to set him down gently, kinda like when Lois Lane is caught by Superman and then he kind of takes her down and sets her down so she can land on her feet,” Bennett explained after the game on Sunday. “But it didn’t happen like that.”

Then, on Monday, still excited about his heroics, Bennett likened himself to Cyclops of the X-Men.

“Cyclops has super powers,” Bennett said. “He’s caught people. He caught Jean Grey a couple of times. But all superheroes catch people at some point in time. Otherwise they’re not as super as they think they are.”

And oh no, Bennett wasn’t finished with the comic book comparisons. He told the USA Today, “I caught him, I saved his life, I tapped into my inner superhero, which I do have. I’m usually a ninja, but my Spidey-senses told me he was going to take a fall, so I saved his life.”

So there you have it. Martellus Bennett: real life superhero.

As for the guy who fell, he was taken away by the cops and charged with disorderly conduct. Obviously, he should consider himself lucky.

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