Rockets’ Omer Asik Scored On His Own Basket Last Night (Video)

omer asik own basket

While the boxscore from last night’s game between the Houston Rockets and the Toronto Raptors tells us that Omer Asik scored 13 points during his team’s 117-101 victory, the truth is he actually recorded 15 points during the contest.  Although, I’m sure Asik doesn’t mind having those additional two points omitted from his stat line, seeing as how they were registered on his own basket.

With the Raptors trailing by just nine during the final minutes of the first half, Asik appeared to be on the verge of securing an easy rebound, when suddenly the ball slipped out of his hands, popped into the air and landed through his own team’s hoop.

Check it out:

With a 3-11 record heading into the game, it was obvious that the Raptors could use all the help they could get against the Rockets in Houston, but on this night, not even a helping hand from a  member of the opposing team was enough to get them that elusive fourth victory of the season.

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