Soccer Fan Attacks Referee in Trinidad and Tobago With a Bottle (Video)

soccer fan attacks linesman

I sure would hate to be a soccer referee. No matter what level we’re talking about, from youth to professional, if you are a soccer ref you know that, sooner or later, you’re going to get a beat down from a fan or player. It almost seems unavoidable at this point, as we’ve seen it happen time and time again.

For the latest case, we go to the small island nation of Trinidad and Tobago just off the coast of Venezuela. At a recent high school soccer game there—yes, high school—one fan, apparently fed up with what he perceived to be a night of bad calls by the officials, hopped onto the field and attacked a linesman. Thankfully, the police were quick to the scene, as they tackled the perpetrator and were eventually able to escort him off the field.

Take a look:

Some even nastier stuff apparently went down after the events captured in this video. It was reported that a group of angry fans overran the police and attacked the attacker while he was being taken out of the stadium. Then they beat him pretty severely until police reinforcements arrived and were able to get him out of there.

I guess they take their high school soccer very seriously in Trinidad and Tobago.

Hat Tip – [Trinidad and Tobago Newsday]

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