Spurs’ Aaron Lennon Scores Own Goal Off Teammate Gareth Bale’s Face (Video)

gareth bale own goal aaron lennon

Gareth Bale‘s highlight reel with the Tottenham Spurs is quite extensive, but it was his blooper reel that grew larger during today’s victory over Liverpool.

Sure, the Spurs were able to emerge with the important 2-1 victory, and Bale did account for one of those Tottenham goals, but he and the Spurs’ other goalscorer, Aaron Lennon, teamed up for one of the year’s most embarrassing own goals.

It all took place following a corner kick in the 72nd minute, as Lennon’s clearing attempt ricocheted off the face of Bale and into the Spurs’ goal.  Thankfully, Tottenham was leading 2-0 at that point, and they were able to hold on for the victory.  That means Bale should be able to laugh this one off, assuming his face isn’t too stiff to crack a smile following that shot from Lennon.

Check it out:

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