Massive Pee Wee Football Player Flattens His Tiny Opponent Like a Pancake (GIF)

huge pee wee football player crushes small kid

Back in August, we told you the story of a freakishly large kid named Elijah Earnheart. Though only 12 years old, Elijah was 6’1″ and 300 pounds and, as a result, was banned from playing in his local pee wee football league.

At the time there were some people—including the kid’s mother—who questioned whether this was fair. After all, why shouldn’t a boy be allowed to play football with his buddies?

Well, Elijah Earnheart’s mom, this is why:

huge pee wee football player runs over smaller kid

This GIF comes from a pee wee football game in Pennsylvania between Pottsville and Shamokin that happened three years ago. We don’t know who the kids involved in the play are, but it’s fairly obvious that the kid running the ball is about a foot taller and probably twice as heavy as any other kid on that field. And when he runs into the poor little kid on the purple team, the pee wee behemoth shows absolutely no mercy, as he leans into the hit with all his might.

To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t be surprised if the little guy got up, walked off the field, and never played football again.

Anyway, this is why freakishly huge kids can’t play football against average kids.

Hat Tip – [Buzzfeed]

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