Atlanta Airport Workers Egged the Saints Team Bus Last Night

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It’s not uncommon for travelling sports teams to receive inhospitable welcomes from opposing fans. It’s all part of the fun—booing and heckling your team’s rivals as they board or get off the team bus on the way to or from a game. In fact, the New Orleans Saints received one of these inhospitable welcomes just last night after arriving in Atlanta for their Thursday night game against the Falcons.

Unfortunately, in this particular case, things got a little out of hand.

You see, the Saints’ team bus was egged. By airport workers. While out on the tarmac.

This news was reported as it happened by some of the Saints players themselves on Twitter. Here is backup QB Chase Daniel‘s account:

chase daniel tweet bus egged

And here is what tight end Jimmy Graham had to say:

jimmy graham tweet bus egged

Now, if the bus were egged by regular fans, I would say it’s kind of funny. However, I find it a little disconcerting that the egging was orchestrated by people who are supposed to be busy taking care of the airplanes we fly around in.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that whoever was responsible for this is out of a job today.

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