Listen to Jets Fans Rip into the Players as They Exited the Field at Halftime Last Thursday (Video)

jets fans heckle jets as they walk to locker room

A week ago today, hundreds of millions of Americans were spending quality time with family, enjoying splendid meals, and giving thanks for all that they have been blessed with.

Not Jets fans, though. Jets fans were royally pissed off. They’d watched their team play terrible game after terrible game so far this season, and on Thanksgiving Day against the Patriots they got absolutely clobbered. The Pats scored five touchdowns in the second quarter—two on fumble returns!—en route to a commanding 35-3 halftime lead.

But at the end of the first half, Jets fans crowded around the tunnel to offer words of encouragement and support…

No I’m just kidding. They called this sorry bunch of football players every name in the book…and then some.

Some of the highlights include:

“You are pathetic!”


“You’re a disgrace!”

“Tebow save us!”

“Don’t even come out after halftime!”

Here, have a listen for yourself:

Now, I know the Jets fans have a right to be upset with their team’s performance, but surely this kind of thing can’t be helping, right?

And also, really? On Thanksgiving? You can’t find a little warmth in your hearts and at least keep the insults somewhat refrained?

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