NASCAR Sprint Cup Champ Brad Keselowski Is Terrible At Basketball (Video)

brad keselowski sucks at basketball

When it comes to driving around in an oval circle at incredibly high speeds, few can do it better than Brad Keselowski.

And when it comes to playing basketball, few do it worse than the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup champ.

Keselowski demonstrated that much during a visit to a Charlotte Bobcats game a couple of years ago.  And now, footage of his uncoordinated adventure up and down the floor at Time Warner Cable Arena has hit the internet, which means you can watch him prance his way around pylons while dribbling like a little fairy and tossing up air balls by the dozen.

I guess making left turns in a car all day does nothing for one’s basketball skills.

Check it out:

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]