Rajon Rondo Started a Brawl Between the Nets and Celtics Last Night (Video)

celtics nets fight

Well, you’ve got to hand it to Rajon Rondo. The guy certainly is willing to stand up for his teammates, and that’s an admirable quality.

Of course, sometimes Rondo also stands up for his teammates when they really don’t need him to. And that’s what happened last night in Boston.

The Celtics hosted the Brooklyn Nets at TD Bank Gardens, and late in the second quarter, with the Nets up by 16 points, Kris Humphries committed a foul on Kevin Garnett while he was going up for a shot. Now, it wasn’t a hard foul at all—as you’ll soon see, Humphries just kind of pats Garnett on his right shoulder. However, this being the NBA, Garnett made sure to embellish the contact in order to draw a fowl, which made it look like Humprhies really whacked him.

So at that point Rondo went after the former Mr. Kim Kardashian, and a giant melee ensued—and that melee spilled over into the crowd.

Take a look:

For their troubles, Rondo and Humphries got ejected from the game, as did Gerald Wallace. Garnett, meanwhile, got a technical foul, but was not ejected.

Of course, you can be sure the penalties for this one won’t end there. For some reason, the NBA frowns upon fights that end up on top of spectators. So I think we’ll see Rondo get a few games here.

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