The “Bama Teabagger” Was Sentence to Two Years in Prison

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Back on January 9, 2012, two heated SEC rivals squared off in the BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Of course, the Alabama Crimson Tide soundly defeated the LSU Tigers that night, 21-0, setting off a massive party on Bourbon Street. So for Smiths Station, Alabama, resident Brian Downing, a die-hard Tide fan who made the trip to the Bayou to party with friends, it should have been one of the most memorable nights of his life.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be the worst night of his life—one that would cost him his job and his freedom.

You see, Brian Downing is the so-called “Bama Teabagger.”

You recall hearing about this, right? A few weeks after the championship game, video surfaced online of a drunk Alabama Crimson Tide fan rubbing his genitals on the face of a passed out LSU fan in a Krystal’s fast food joint.

Well, it didn’t take long for authorities to discover the identities of the people in that video, and in October the case went to trial. Downing was originally charged with obscenity and sexual battery; however, the DA agreed to drop the sexual battery charge—and with it, the need for Downing to register as a sex offender—if he pled guilty to the obscenity charge.

That’s exactly what happened. The judge in the case sentenced Downing to 2 years in the Louisiana State Penal System, calling him a bully. However, according to ESPN, she also recommended him for a boot-camp program that could have him out of prison in only 10 months.

Downing was scheduled to report to the authorities yesterday.

Of course, this whole story has sparked all kinds of debate. Was it just a prank that went too far, or a genuine case of sexual violence?

On the one hand, people are “teabagged” in dorms and frat houses all across the country every week when they pass out drunk at parties. On the other hand, the fact that this instance incurred in public, was filmed by many of the numerous onlookers, was not stopped by employees of the restaurant, and was perpetrated by a guy who didn’t know the victim—these factors seem to make this so much worse. The victim of the teabagging, an LSU freshman? He dropped out of school because of this.

So personally, I think the sentence is fair.

What do you think?

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