Blake Griffin Has a Potty Mouth (GIF)

blake griffin potty mouth

While it’s pretty funny when somebody drops an audible f-bomb on television, I actually prefer it when there’s no audio. Why? Because it’s more fun reading lips. For starters, you can watch the incident at work without getting into trouble. Also, and more importantly, you get to fill in any gaps with your own interpretation.

Such was the case earlier this season with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli. He was talking to Bucs coach Greg Schiano on the field before a game and he definitely called somebody a motherf–king something. And since it was hard to make out what that something was, we got to come up with our own interpretation—and we went with “Nazis,” cause why not?

Of course, there really is no room for interpretation in the case of the foul language we have for you today. You don’t have to be a lip reading expert to understand exactly what Clippers star Blake Griffin is saying here:

blake griffin cussing mother f-ing bitch

The only real question here is whether Blake was calling a specific person a “motherf#@$ing b!tch,” or whether it was just a general summation of his current predicament.

I guess only he knows for sure.

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